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About Practical Financial Detox

At Practical Financial Detox, we aim to simply inform you as clearly as possible that ‘it is what you keep that counts’.

Money influences all areas of life so you will be provided with information on how best to deal with situations such as getting married, buying a home, financing education, your retirement and estate planning.

All this is provided free because we think it is best to learn and stay SMART (Save Money And Reduce Taxes) if you are single and continue to stay SMART (Save Marriages And Reduce Tension) if you are married.

Membership of the Practical Financial Detox Spend Less Club, provides access to discounted products and services. The benefits provided by the club are being reviewed continuously because we are determined to provide our members with access to money saving products and services.

PFD Benefits

  • Access to Free Financial Tools and Resources.
  • Basic Membership of the PFD Spend Less Club
  • Bargain Corner; De-Clutter and Sell
  • Be Your Own BOSS - Ideas and Opportunities
  • Practical Courses, Seminars and Webinars
  • Practical Aptitude Tests for Employment
  • Online Shop for Lifestyle Products and Resources
  • Pursuing Excellence Series for your children
  • Periodic Updates & PFD Newsletter
  • Daily Motivational Sayings and Proverbs
  • Trade Mission Opportunities
  • Celebrate Success and Share Experiences

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